Foodservice Productivity Group | About FPG
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About FPG

Foodservice Productivity Group (FPG) strives to improve the productivity of foodservice segment clients.

FPG is a practice focused on restaurant operations engineering that works to increase your profitability through the use of traditional industrial engineering techniques. These techniques are applied in a specialized way to benefit foodservice operations. FPG works with your concept to determine potential improvements in labor productivity, throughput capacity, process engineering, facility design, overall operating costs, and capital investment. Once these elements are investigated and prioritized, FPG works with you to bring them to fruition.

Mark Godward and Tom Wyczawski, principals at FPG, bring over 50 years of combined experience in the consulting and foodservice industry as well as in traditional manufacturing environments. Their broad experience, with over 80 concepts, provides detailed insights to drive profitability and enable sales growth.

FPG provides a rigorous approach and a disciplined work ethic to every project in order to create immediate and significant results for your operation.

The FPG promise is to focus on results, not just on the process. We will keep working until you consider the job done. This is not just about completing consulting engagements, it is about providing lasting, measurable results for our clients.