Foodservice Productivity Group | Labor Productivity
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Labor Productivity


Labor Reviews

FPG will perform time and motion studies of your core menu items, and observe typical peak and off peak deployments in order to develop an understanding of your current labor practices.  FPG will use this information and detailed industry knowledge in order to identify potential areas where labor management, deployment, and slide deployment can be altered in order to reduce labor costs and improve customer service.  Additionally, FPG will identify any key process improvements and best practices associated with your core menu items that could allow you to simplify your processes or eliminate unnecessary work.  This review will assist you in running your operation effectively and efficiently.


Labor Management Solutions

FPG will perform time and motion studies in order to develop standards and quantify the labor necessary to complete all tasks associated with running your business. These standards will then be used to develop labor guidelines which can be implemented in the back-of-house software of your choice or which can be produced manually, depending on your concept’s needs. Additionally, FPG will strive to introduce process improvements and best practices to the system at the store level as the project timeline allows. This process will enable you to run your operation effectively and efficiently by scheduling the right amount of labor at the right time. It will assist you in determining how to plan for and react to shifts in customer flow in order to make the best use of your personnel resources. We typically improve your labor costs by 0.5% to 3% of total sales.


Process Re-engineering

FPG specializes in engineering new processes to improve current operations and get an immediate return on the project investment.  This type of scope is the natural follow-on, or extension, of a Labor Solutions project, or can be worked in conjunction with a Facility Planning project.  This process will enable you to simplify your operations and assist in improving your speed of service, throughput capacity, and resource utilization. These improvements lead to increased sales, profitability, and return on asset investment.