Foodservice Productivity Group | Operations Support
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Operations Support


Updated Menu Roll Out Services

FPG will assist you in planning for and implementing the operations aspects of an updated or new menu roll out, allowing you to drive sales through menu innovation. We will assist you in developing appropriate processes, creating labor standards, determining equipment specification and location, and adjusting deployment to allow for the implementation of new or altered menu options. Once this is completed we will assist you in determining the impact of these changes, and in developing a roll out strategy to implement them system-wide. Typically we will work with your internal menu development team, but we can work with a third party as well if supplemental expertise is required.


Facilitation Services

FPG provides consulting services throughout the implementation and roll-out of all new systems and designs to ensure that the original intent is not lost and that all implementation components move as smoothly and expeditiously as possible.  This can cover a broad range of services but most frequently applies to construction drawing review, retrofit drawing development, validation and field testing of the new labor systems and facility designs, and pre and post studies of the impact of any project. These services help to insure that the sales and profitability improvements identified are realized.Field SupportFPG will assist you in rolling out new operations improvement initiatives to ensure that planned impact is achieved.